Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How time flys...

So I haven't been posting...too busy gathering ideas from other wonderful sites like Catholic Icing and The Catholic Toolbox.

This week we had our second prayer testing. So to keep them busy and learning in a fun way, I prepared some crafts while they were waiting for their turn.

I had the kids decorate crafted lenten offering banks.
* small white plastic cups (Dollar General $1/50 cups). This may also work with paper or styrofoam, but not sure if they'll hold up throughout the lenten season or not.
* hot glue gun and hot glue
* 1 inch white cardstock circles
* 1/2 inch purple paper or ribbon strips (optional, cups will hold without it)
* purple foam stickers (I used Valentines pack from Dollar Tree with hearts, circles and "x's" that come in purple, red and pink.
* razor blade knife
1. Hot glue white circles onto outside bottom of cup
2. Cut slot large enough for quarter into bottom of cup/circle
3. Hot glue slotted cup and regular cup, rim sides together
4. Hot glue puple strip/ribbon around middle to cover glued edges
5. I wrote words on some of the foam stickers: heart - "lent", circle - cent sign, double heart - "give alms", flower - "pray" and "fast". I also trimmed "x" into a cross.
Kids decorated their banks with stickers. Some also colored their banks with markers, but be aware the washable markers were a little messy as the cups are plastic.
I kept my demo really plain as I like the kids to use their own imaginations to express themselves. They could really use some dolling up with glitter glue or sequins or something. I have to admit, I really thought twice about even using them as they are pretty goofy looking. Not the prettiest things I've ever done, but they got the point across and I hope having the sayings on the stickers will be a more constant reminder at home about lent.

Also created a hanging Valentine/theological virtues craft:
* paper plate
* doilies (either 6in red and pink or 10in white)
* ribbon to hang (used red gift wrapping ribbon)
* hole punch (punched two holes on top to thread ribbon for hanger)
* glue stick
* marker
* if using 6in doilies, I used 1 purple foam heart sticker for space in center

1. Write scripture verse I Corinthians 13:13
2. color doily lacy edge as desired
3. glue doily to backside of paper plate
4. punch 2 holes at top, thread ribbon for hanger

We also made heart shaped one decade rosaries with pipe cleaners and pony beads from Lacy at

Hopefully as time marches on I will get more of the hang of this blogging stuff. Until then...

For more Lent crafts and ideas, go to Catholic Icing at

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